Secret Dating – 10 Best Online Dating Tips

Secret Dating – 10 Best Online Dating Tips

10 Best Online Dating Tips

1. Chat At Night

Work on that night game. According to Zoosk, women prefer late-night chatting between 10pm and 11pm.

2. Keep Up With The Lingo

Along with kale, some other most used words were bae, basic, obvi and LTR (long-term relationship). Make sure you have at least a cursory understanding of slang terms, so that you’re conversations don’t end with you writing “lol. What does that mean?”

3. Kale Is Cool

Being healthy is cool — one of the most used buzzwords in Zoosk messaging in 2014 was kale.

4. Choose Your Descriptors Carefully

Everyone wants to seem chill. The most used descriptor in profiles for 2014 was “laid-back.” If you’re calling yourself “laid-back,” make sure it’s the truth. Or come up with something more interesting to describe yourself.

5. Be Honest About Your Past

It can be hard to sum yourself up in one blurb, but there are things you can choose to say, and not say, that will stand out to a potential partner. Men who were honest and mentioned exes or divorce received 52% more messages than men who didn’t.

6. Smile!

Not only do you catch more bees with honey, but as a general rule, smiling makes you more attractive when you’re looking directly at someone, according to Psychological Science. So good to be smiling in your profile pic.

7. Look Casual

We all know you don’t wear that sleek tux every day. And no matter how good you looked as Wolverine on Halloween, that’s not what women want to see.

8. Selfies Are Over

Zoosk found that selfies decreased messages received by 8% and suggest that you get a friend to take a full body shot, which increased messages received by a massive 203%. And Zoosk says the bathroom selfie, in particular, is out for 2015 (thank goodness).

9. Don’t Hide

Men who “flew solo” in their photos received 42% and 53% more messages that guys who posed with friends or pets, respectively.

10. Showcase Your Outdoorsy Side

Your profile pic is the first thing a woman will see when she lands on your page, so make sure yours is having a positive impact. Zoosk found that women responded 19% more to men with profile pictures taken outdoors.

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