Dating Dilemmas 67 with Frank Kermit and Dr Laurie Betito

Frank and Dr Laurie discuss Long Distance Relationships, #StuStrong, Being Friends with an Ex, Starting over in dating after a long absence, good places to meet women that are not bars and clubs, examples of charisma vs friendliness and approaching strangers, man in love or lust with a waitress, woman takes male friends to book stores, older women struggling with loneliness and online dating tips, you can only be born with charisma vs developing charisma skills, should a girl make the first move?, 4 hour first date but no second date?, when does an ex need to know about your new lover, and a BF who refuses to introduce his gf to his parents…

Frank Kermit makes is 105th appearance on Passion with host Dr Laurie Betito, on CJAD 800 AM for Dating Dilemmas show 66.
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