31 Stupid Things Men do That Mess Up Their Relationship with Women

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There’s a reason a woman suddenly loses interest and starts to turn down your advances. A potentially beautiful relationship that started great suddenly grows cold as your love interest suddenly withdraws or breaks off the relationship. As humans, no one is perfect and we all make mistakes, especially in relationships. While some of these mistakes can be overlooked, a lot are so serious they are regarded as deal-breakers. This book 31 Stupid Things Men do that Mess Up Their Relationship with Women, is written with the man in mind. It looks at the common dating mistakes guys make and what they can do to avoid them. Now instead of losing that great girl you are smitten with, you can make a few adjustments and go on to have the beautiful relationship youve always dreamed of.tags: mistakes men make with women, dating tips, relationship tips, relationship advice, marriage counseling, relationship advice for women, relationship counseling, relationship help, healthy relationships, love advice, family relationships problems in a relationship , marriage counseling